5 Reasons You Need a High-end Blender in Your Kitchen

Blenders are common countertop appliances and are handier than you’d think especially if you love smoothies and juices. For the fitness freaks, it’s the ultimate kitchen appliance as you can get your daily dose of protein shakes or other healthy homemade juices within a few seconds but that’s not all a blender offers.

Here are a few more reasons you’ll fall in love with this compact appliance.

Awesome soups and broths

  • It’s not just juices or smoothies a blender can make, it can also provide you with an equally good soup or both especially if you’re starving and don’t have all day for your favorite creamy mushroom soup to simmer.
  • Throw in all the required ingredients and let the blender do its magic. Your soup will have the perfect texture due to the heat and friction generated when mixing.  It’s a quick alternative and yet provides an equal amount of creamy goodness.

No chopping anymore

  • One of the most tedious tasks of cooking is cutting and chopping the vegetables. Yes, a food processor is a go-to appliance for that but it’s usually quite large and expensive. So if you’ve got a blender you’re in luck.
  • Whether you’re looking to chop vegetables for salad or the main dish, just throw in everything that’s needed and let it spin. Just ensure you’re using the right blades for chopping and slicing.

No chopping anymore

Get creative

  • One of the reasons a blender is so loved by many is because you can mix up a quick dip or sauce to go with everything and anything. Getting creative with dips and sauces is simpler plus if you happen to screw it up you can always do it over quickly.
  • Most blenders also come with a recipe book that contains tons of unique recipes to blend the perfect weekend cheesecake or barbecue dip.

Prep your favorite mocktails

  • Want to go on a vacation but can’t? Well, with a blender at least you can enjoy your favorite beach drink or even your most loved margarita. One of my favorite margaritas is the pineapple margarita. All you need is pineapple but if not you can also switch to kiwi orange or coconut.
  • Next, add a dash of lime juice and some tequila and throw in a few ice cubes. For a beach like feeling, that’s what you need.

It’s cost-effective

  • Blending provides you the benefits of juicer, chopper, and grinder etc. and this is a one for all appliances and can be bought for about $50-$100 depending on the make and model.
  • Apart from that it also keeps the fruit and vegetable fiber intact, a feature most juicers lack thus you’ll need half the ingredients when blending. Also cleaning a blender is easy as compared to a juicer.


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