About Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out is a collaborative food blog inspired by good friends enjoying good food together. We wanted to create a space online where you could come to find a catalogue of recipes, cooking tips and advice as well as eating out guides, food related articles and kitchen organising to make managing the heart of your home that little bit easier.

Now for a little about Team Eat Your Heart Out:


Sarah loves to eat! Eating out is her favourite past time.  Not so hot in front of the hob, but smoking when it comes to styling & organising the kitchen to make finding things a breeze. An organiser extraordinaire, you can usually find her indexing favourite meals and planning for the week ahead. You can find Sarah over at Life With Munchers, a Homes, family & lifestyle blog, where she writes about decor, planning and weekly family life of a busy working, blogging mummy.

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Steph has always loved food; a passion that started when making fairy cakes in her Nana’s kitchen aged 3 or 4.  Thankfully, her skills have improved somewhat since and she loves to try new flavours, cuisines and recipes.  She also enjoys eating out and can be often found quizzing the staff in a restaurant about a selected dish. Clean eating, local produce and family food are right up her street and she is a big advocate of meal planning! You can find Steph over at Mental Parentals, a family lifestyle blog where she writes about her busy life as a working mum, parenting and everything in between.

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Donna has always had a love of food, enjoying a childhood full of home cooked meals and a house full of the smells of baking. When she became a Mum she wanted to create the same food filled memories for her own children and so started to bake. With a love of both healthy eating, cheeky meals out and cosy nights in with friends and a take away. When cooking at home, Donna loves her slow cooker and is a big fan of batch cooking and freezing – anything to make feeding a family easier! You can catch Donna over at What the Redhead said, a family lifestyle blog where she writes about everything from days out and holidays to juggling family life with a shift working Husband.

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So that’s us at Team Eat Your Heart Out!  We hope you enjoy our ‘loving all things food’ blog!